Bikini Bottom | Crochet Pattern

Crocheting a bikini bottom is really simple. This pattern will show you how to decrease and increase your stitches to get the correct shape.

Don’t forget to adjust the amount of chains & rows for your measurements, materials, and your preferred fit.

This is a ‘basic’ pattern but feel free to add embellishments & designs to easily change up the look!

Yarn: cotton yarn [Lily Sugar N Cream in Marble Print]

Hook: Size G / US 6 (4.0 mm)Crochet Bikini Bottom | Rainbow Warrior

Materials: scissors

tapestry needle


14 sts & 16 rows = 4 inches sc


Length: 9 inches

Width: 12 inches

Pattern Notes: Find your gauge for the materials you are working with. Determine the style & measurements for the bikini bottoms you want to make.  This pattern begins at the top of the front panel. Based on your gauge & desired measurements, determine how many chains you need for this section.


Make a slip knot & place on hook.

Begin with a foundation chain.  [I chained 40. You should chain the amount needed to get the needed width with your materials.]

Row 1: ch +1 & sc in the 2nd ch from the hook and all the way down. ch 1 & turn.

Row 2: sc in ea st. ch 1 & turn.

*Note: Repeat row 2 for as many rows needed until you are ready to begin decreasing.

Decrease row: (ch 1 counts as first st), skip 2nd st – sc in the 3rd st and all the way down until the last 2 st. skip 2nd to last st and sc in last st. ch 1 & turn.

Repeat decrease row until you have the amount of stitches needed for the underneath of your bottoms. [I stopped decreasing at 6 stitches.]

sc in ea st. ch 1 & turn.

Repeat sc rows for the necessary length. [I crocheted 12 rows.]

Once this piece is long enough it is time to start increasing for the back panel.

Increase row: (ch 1 counts as first st), sc in first st & all the way down, place 2 sc in last st. ch 1 & turn.

Repeat increase row until you have the desired width to cover your bottom.

*Note: crochet as many sc rows as needed until you have the needed length. [sc in ea st. ch 1 & turn.]

Pattern Notes: This pattern is not ‘one size fits all.’  Adjust the number of stitches to get the needed width for your bikini bottoms.  Adjust the number of rows to get the needed length for your bikini bottoms.  If you need to you can easily “reverse” this pattern and start from the back and work your way to the front.

As I mentioned this pattern is meant to be used as a “base” to create your desired bikini bottoms.  These bottoms can be made as small or as a large as need be.  Every body is not the same size and if you are going to crochet a garment I highly recommend taking the time to create it to your measurements.

Crochet Bikini Bottom | Rainbow Warrior

I made my bottoms “full coverage.” Its normally very hard to find a pair of bikini bottoms that fit me and that I am happy with.  I enjoyed being able to make a pair that covers everything I need and I was surprised at how comfortable these were!  I will definitely be making a future pair to wear and will add a design 🙂

If you use this pattern, send me a picture! I love to see how your creations turn out 🙂

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Check out the tutorial below:

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yarn- Lily Sugar’n Cream Yarn, Marble Print 14 oz Cone

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3 thoughts on “Bikini Bottom | Crochet Pattern

  1. Hello dear;) will you please let us know exactly how many sc stitches you had for your width on the back of your bikini? And how many more rows you added after you had desired width. I know that it is made specific to your measurements but I think it would help all have confidence that we are following your pattern correctly;) especially with the rows consisting of increases/decreases;) You did mention the total stitches for your base row (40) crotch stitches (6) and crotch rows (12) very grateful for that;) Thanks so much;) Ofee


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