Crochet Bikini | Pattern #2

Here is another really simple way to crochet cups to wear as a bra or bikini this summer!  These cups can be used to create dresses and tops as well.  These cups provide good coverage and are great for busty women.

Yarn: cotton yarn [Lily Sugar N Cream in Marble Print]

cbbt0Hook: Size G / US 6 (4.0 mm)

Materials: scissors

tapestry needle

Gauge: 12 sts & 14 rows = 4 inches


Width- 7 inches

Length- 7 inches


Measure – the width of your desired cup size.  [Begin with a foundation chain that is half of your desired width].

Begin w/ slip knot & ch 12 + 1

Row 1: sc in 2nd chain from hook and all the way down. ch 1 & turn.

Row 2: sc in ea st. ch 1 & turn.

Rep row 2 until you have a perfect square shape (width is equal to length).  [I crocheted 11 rows of single crochet].

Row 12: sc in ea st, placing 2 sc in last st (now our turning st) and place a sc along the edge of your work (1 sc for each row you created). ch 1 & turn.

Row 13: sc in ea st, placing 2 sc in the 2 corner stitches (inc from last row) and continue sc along the other side. ch 1 & turn.

Row 14: place a sc in ea st, working along the side, around the corner and back down the other side.

Rep row 14, crocheting back and forth until you have your desired cup size.  The amount of rows you crochet back and forth should equal the number of rows you crocheted for your square. [For my cup that would be 11 rows].

Once your cup is the correct size, crochet along the edges of your garment, placing 1 sc for each row and 3 sc in your corner to help crochet along the other edge as well.

Create a second cup using the exact same process to create identical cups.

Pattern Notes:  Be sure to adjust the pattern to your size and preference.  The amount you chain in the beginning should be half of the desired width for your cup.


There are many ways to complete your project.  You can crochet your straps or you can chain, braid, you name it!  As I mentioned you can use this cup pattern to create dresses and tops.  Be creative and don’t forget to send me finished pictures of your projects \(^_^)/

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Watch the video tutorial to see the pattern in action!:


Need supplies?

hooks- Ergonomic Aluminum Crochet Hooks-Size G

yarn- Lily Sugar’n Cream Yarn, Marble Print 14 oz Cone

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