Crochet Bikini | Easy Pattern

This pattern is so simple and its actually the reason I learned to crochet! So I believe this is a great project for beginners.  You can use these cups to make a bikini or you can use them to create tops, dresses, you name it!

Yarn: cotton yarn [Lily Sugar N Cream in Marble Print]

Hook: Size G / US 6 (4.0 mm)20150506_133837

Materials: stitch marker

tapestry needle & scissors

Gauge: 12 sts & 16 rows = 4 inches


Length- 8 inches

Width- 7 inches


Begin w/ slip knot & ch 10 +1

Row 1: sc in 2nd chain from hook and all the way down, placing 3 st in the last chain space, sc down opposite side of the chain.

*Optional: Mark your top stitch (the 2nd sc you placed in your last ch space) with a stitch marker.

Row 2: Ch 1 & turn (chain counts as first sc stich). Place sc in the 2nd stitch and all the way down, placing 3 sc in your top stitch and working a sc in each stitch along the opposite side of your work.

Rep row 2 for your desired cup size. [I completed 12 rows for my cups]

Repeat steps to create an identical cup.

Pattern Notes: Be sure to use a stitch marker if you have difficulty identifying your top stitch.  If you need to adjust the amount of chains choose a number that reaches from the base of the boob to your nipple.

There are loads of ways you can finish your project.  You can add ties to create a classic string bikini or you can add these cups to a top! The possibilities are endless and I do plan on creating some patterns for summer tops. Leave me questions & requests down below 😉

Please tag me/share pictures with me of your projects! I love to see how you guys used the pattern & your beautiful creations! ~Facebook~ ~Instagram~ ~Tumblr~

As always here is a video tutorial if you are a visual person like myself:


Need supplies?

hook- Ergonomic Aluminum Crochet Hooks-Size G

yarn- Lily Sugar’n Cream Yarn, Marble Print 14 oz Cone

If you buy your supplies on Amazon you can support me by shopping here: Amazon Store

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-Rainbow Warrior

***This pattern is for personal use only. Business inquires please contact


3 thoughts on “Crochet Bikini | Easy Pattern

  1. Great pattern! Love that you had a video, made it much easier to start the top and follow how you did it! Thank you.


  2. I like your video on the bikini top and would love to see more to make a dress with this pattern. Thank you


  3. Have you ever worn a bikini top made with Lily Sugar’n Cream yarn in the actual water and/or tested it in water? If so how does it hold up?


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