Knit Halter Top | Easy Pattern

Knitting garments to wear is not as hard as it looks! I’m starting with a really simple top – I created mine to fit my body type and cover my entire torso, however, you can adjust this pattern to create any type of top you want including a crop top or a long, flowing tank. It’s up to you! The key is to choose a cotton yarn if you plan to wear this top ūüôā

Yarn: cotton yarn20150403_172959

[Lily Sugar & Cream in Marble Print]

Needles:¬†Size US 8 / 5.0 mm circular 32″

Materials: stitch marker

Gauge: 12 sts & 28 rows = 4 inches


Circumference- 28 inches

Length- 13 inches


Determine your desired measurements & check you gauge.

*Pattern Notes: Measure the area of the body you want your top to fit or measure a shirt with your desired top circumference.

CO # of stitches based on your measurement & gauge, choose # mult. of 4 for 2 x 2 ribbing [96 st]

Place stitch marker & join the round.

Begin rib pattern:

*k2, p2*

Rep as many rounds for your desired look. [I completed 22 rounds of rib]

Begin stockinette st:

K all rounds (circular needles)

Straight needles-

K all odd rows (right side)

P all even rows (wrong side)

Knit until you are satisfied with the length of your garment.

BO – the stitches across the back of your garment – leaving the remaining stitches for front section

*Pattern Notes: I binded off a third of my total stitches for the back section [32 st] and left the remaining for my front section.

RS- ssk, knit across until the last 2 st, k2tog

WS- purl

Continue these two rows until you have knit enough of the section to cover your chest.

Mark the center of your piece with a stitch marker, working with one side of the stitches at a time- ssk on the right side of your work so that your decrease leans to the left and k2tog on the left side of your work so that your decrease leans to the right.  Purl all wrong sides. РContinue these two rows until you run out of stitches.

Attach yarn & repeat same process on the other side [ssk on the right side of your work & k2tog on the left side, purl all wrong sides] until you run out of stitches.

I braided strands of yarn together for my straps.  You can tie them around your neck or attach them to the back of your top for more security.









I had a really hard time writing the pattern for this one & explaining ¬†so check out the tutorial if you’re having trouble:


I really like design of this halter top and its a simple way to practice shaping a garment with the two basic decreases: ssk & k2tog.  If you want a handy way to remember which decrease leans in which direction here is a trick I read in a book that I use all the time:

20150409_100805I definitely plan to make more tops that I can wear this spring & summer! The best part about making your own clothing is that you can make it to fit your body perfectly РLook out for more tutorials & patterns for shaping garments ~Coming Soon~ \(^-^)/

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yarn-¬†Lily Sugar’n Cream Yarn, Marble Print 14 oz Cone

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-Rainbow Warrior

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