‘Springtime’ Shrug | Crochet Pattern

My crochet shrug for springtime! I wanted to choose something that would be light & airy so I went with the ‘v’ stitch as the main look for this shrug.  The best part about these shrugs is that they can be adjusted to create them in any size and in any style! If you like my pattern, you can follow down below.

20150326_132606Yarn: medium weight; approx. 250 yds

[Caron Simply Soft in Heather Charcoal]

Hook: Size I / US 9 (5.5 mm)

Materials: scissors

tapestry needle

Gauge: 12 sts & 8 rows = 4 inches dc


width- 20 inches

length- 14 inches

The Pattern:

Pattern Notes: This shrug is created by crocheting a square or rectangle shape, folding it in half & seaming up the sides, leaving room for armholes. The width determines where your shrug will fall on your arms & the length determines how long your shrug will be.

Check your gauge.

Measure your needed width.  From the back of your arm to the other arm.

Begin w/ slip knot & ch # mult. of 3 +1 [ch 60]

Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook & all the way down. ch 1 & turn.

Rows 2-4: sc in ea st. ch 1 & turn.

Begin ‘V-stitch’ pattern:

Row 5: Ch 3 (counts as dc st). sk-1 space, [dc in next st – ch 1 – dc in same st, sk- 2 space] rep to end. place 1 dc in last st. ch 1 & turn.

Rows 6 & 7: sc in ea st. ch 1 & turn.

Rows 8 & 9: dc in ea st. ch 1 & turn.

Rep rounds 3-9 for pattern.

Pattern Notes: The pattern of my shrug may seem random & thats because it is! I get bored doing the same stitch over & over so I went with a quick changing pattern. Be sure to choose a pattern that you are comfortable with. If you do like the look of my pattern this is what I did:

2 rows sc

1 row ‘v-stitch’

2 rows sc

2 rows dc20150325_151704

I repeated these 7 rows until I had the necessary length for my shrug.

Keeping yarn attached sc along the edges of your garment. (Optional of course)

Fold you garment in half and seam both sides leaving room for your armholes.

20150325_151643To finish my shrug I edged around the collar with a large scallop and the sleeves with a small scallop pattern.

Large Scallop Edge pattern-

Ch 1, sk- 1, [sc in next st, sk- 3 , 7 trc  in same st, sk- 3]

Small Scallop Edge pattern-

Ch 1, [sk-1, sc in next st, sk-1, 5 dc in same st]

Sew in your ends to complete!20150326_132606

Be sure to adjust this pattern based on your materials & measurements! Again you can use any crochet stitch/ pattern you wish to create your desired look. This shrug can also be made to any length or any width you desire.

20150328_11161320150328_11203620150328_111959I can’t wait to wear this lots this spring and in to the summer!  I think this shrug is perfect to wear over tanks & dresses. I’m really happy with how this turned out and definitely plan to make more 🙂

~~If you make a shrug be sure to share a picture with me on Facebook! You can find me other places on the web HERE .:.:.

If you would like to see how this shrug was created, you can watch the video tutorial below:


Need supplies?

hook- Crochet Dude Aluminum Crochet Hook-Size I9/5.5mm

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-Rainbow Warrior

***Pattern for personal use only. Business inquires please contact rainbowwarrior217@yahoo.com

11 thoughts on “‘Springtime’ Shrug | Crochet Pattern

  1. I tried to make this and even adding an extra 12 stitches it was not wide enough for my daughter’s size small frame. Could you tell me what size this was that you made?


    1. I made it custom to my measurements. I would suggest measuring your daughter from where you would like the shrug to fall (shoulder to shoulder, elbow to elbow). And then crochet a small sample swatch using your yarn & hook to see how many stitches you need to get your perfect width!

      Hope this helps and happy crocheting 🙂


  2. Hiya, I love the pattern and despite frogging it a couple of times I am persevering. I am newish to crochet and self taught, there are so many rules and sometimes they vary between patterns and designers and of course USA to UK too (I am in UK) so I just wanted to check a couple of things with you.
    On the pattern for Row 6 you say sc in ea st. but on the You Tube video you are sc in ea space, not the st with two stitches in the v, I am questioning as I just finished a previous garment where you did actually have to go into each chain stitch – even when they were tiny?
    2nd question is on row 8/9 you have chain 1 & turn but isn’t it always chain 3 to follow with a dc to get the right height for the row?
    be great to hear back.
    Many thanks for such a lovely pattern shared. Sarah


    1. HI so sorry about the delayed response! Yes for the double crochet row you will want to ch 3 & turn. For Row 6, I would follow what I do in the video, it was difficult for me to explain where to put the stitches in words but essentially you want to make sure you end up with the same number of stitches. So you would put 1 sc in the first double crochet stitch, the next sc in between the ‘v’ and the next sc in the next double crochet stitch.

      Hope this helps!
      Happy crocheting 🙂


  3. that’s a great video. Thanks
    I have some questions
    please, could you explain in details the measuremens?
    I understood that the width is from sholder to shoulder. what about hight? is this upper mid arm circumstance or around elbow?
    and how can I measure the axact lenghth of both ends to tie together?


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