Cozy ‘Dancers’ Shrug | Knit Pattern

My ‘dancers’ shrug just in time for spring! I am calling this a ‘dancers’ shrug since it covers your shoulders and upper back (perfect for warming up). However, you can use this technique to make a number of different style shrug including big, bulky shrugs.

Yarn: medium worsted weight; approx. 250 yds

[Red Heart Soft in Chocolate]kds2

Needles: Size US 10 (6.0 mm)

Materials: scissors

tapestry needle

Gauge: 14 sts & 22 rows = 4 inches

Final measurements:

Width- 25 inches

Length- 16 inches

The pattern:

Measure – your desired width – from the back of your arm to the other & determine your necessary number of stitches after checking your gauge

CO # mult. of 4 + 2 [94 st]

Pattern Notes: I am knitting a chain selvedge for this garment by slipping every first st purlwise and knitting every last stitch through the back. Be sure to include the amount of stitches in your pattern for your preferred edging.

Begin 2×2 rib pattern.

Rows 1 – 12:  *k2, p2*

Begin st st.

Pattern Notes: Continue selvedge & knit 2 stitches on each end OR your desired edge look.

Row 13: K (all odd rows)

Row 14: P (all even rows)

Knit for necessary length.

Begin 2×2 rib pattern.

*p2, k2* (same # of rows in beginning)

Bind Off.

Fold your piece together longwise; the ribbed sections will be stacked on top of one another.


Using your tails, seam together each side leaving the necessary space for armholes.


Pattern Notes: Ribbed & stockinette sections can be knit as long as desired.  I kept my ribbed section 2 inches in length for this pattern. You can edge this garment with your preferred method.  This pattern is very adjustable, the width determines where the shrug will fall on your arms, while the length determines where it falls on your back.

kds2I kept this first shrug design very basic & I am so happy with how this turned out.  This shrug is perfect to wear over tanks/dresses and I can’t wait to make more! I have lots more designs planned including crochet.  I’m thinking about making a seamless shrug as well because I HATE seaming.

If you make this project send me a picture on Facebook! Find me on my other social media sites as well \(-_-)/


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yarn- Red Heart E728.9344 Soft Yarn, Chocolate

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