Classic Scarf | Easy Knit Pattern

I wanted to create a simple scarf as a gift for my mom with this beautiful chunky yarn that my brother picked out!  I was surprised how difficult it was to find a simple scarf pattern for a knitted look… I discovered a simple way to get a flat scarf with a ‘knit look’ on both sides!!!!

Yarn: bulky weight yarn; approx. 250 yds color A, 200 yds color B

[Lion’s Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick in Monarch & Fishermen]

kcs0Needles: Size US 13 / 9 mm

Materials: scissors

tapestry needle

Gauge: 14 sts & 14 rows = 4 inches


Length- 84 inches

Width- 4 inches

The Pattern:

Co 14 st.

All rows: [k1, p1] slip last stitch.

Knit necessary length.

Bind off.

Pattern Notes: Adjust stitch count in multiples of 2.

I used 20 rows of Color A and 10 rows of Color B for the color pattern in my scarf.

Watch the video tutorial to see this simple pattern in action!


Really simple & great to show off a beautiful yarn or color design!


My first time working with bulky yarn and I absolutely love it! Can’t wait to make more projects… Don’t forget to let me know what you want me to make & send me pictures! LINKS HERE <-

Need supplies?

Yarn- Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick Yarn, Monarch
Lion Brand Yarn 640-099 Wool-Ease Thick and Quick Yarn, Fisherman

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-Rainbow Warrior

***Pattern for personal use only. Business inquires please contact

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