Chunky Cable | Knit Pattern & Tutorial

How to make cable boot cuffs with chunky yarn & straight needles!

If you would like to check out my original Cable Boot Cuff Pattern CLICK HERE.

Technically you could use the same pattern for chunky yarn but I did a little altering for mine.  I was only able to knit a sample section but hopefully you get the idea of the look…

Yarn: bulky [Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick in Monarch]

Needles: Size US 13/ 9  mmkcc0

Materials: scissors

tapestry needle

cable maker [paper clip]

Gauge: 12 sts & 12 rows = 4 inches

Measurements (sample swatch):

Width- 10 inches

Length- 4 inches

The pattern:

CO in multiples of 6 + 2.  [I cast on 24 + 2 stitches for my sample swatch but after my measurements I would cast on 30 + 2 for a boot cuff.]

Row 1: k1, [p1, k4, p1] rep to end, k1

Row 2: k1, [k1, p4, k1] rep to end, k1

Row 3: rep row 1

Row 4: rep row 2

Row 5: k1, [p1, c4b, p1] rep to end, k1

Row 6: rep row 2

Rep rows 1-6 for desired length.

Bind off.  [k2tog TBL, slip stitch back on L needle]

Seam together ends of boot cuff.

Fasten in ends.

Pattern Notes: Adjust the stitches in multiples of 6 plus 2.  Option to knit a ribbed section at top & bottom of cuffs.  Knit more rows for leg warmers.

Using non-bulky yarn? Check out my pattern.  Using circular needles? Check out my pattern!   –>Cable Boot Cuff – Knit Pattern

I absolutely LOVE this bulky yarn – so pretty & soft!  I thought I had enough leftover to make a set of boot cuffs but I was way off! Definitely need to pick up some more chunky yarn soon 😉


If you make these boot cuffs don’t forget to send me pictures of your finished projects 🙂 I LOVE seeing what you create – LINKS HERE

Have something in mind you would like me to make? Send me pics & requests!

-Rainbow Warrior

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Yarn- Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick Yarn, Monarch

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