2-Tone Chevron Scarf | Crochet Pattern

Yarn: medium worsted weight; approx. 200 yds color A, approx. 100 yds color B

[Red Heart Super Saver in Aran & Coffee Brown]

Hook: Size J / US 10 (6.0 mm)ccs

Materials: scissors

tapestry needle

Gauge: 15 sts & 5 rows = 4 inches

Final measurements:

Width- 6.5 inches

Length- 78 inches

The Pattern:

Color A – Begin with slip knot & ch 22.

Row 1: sc in 2nd chain from hook & all the way down (21 st). ch 1 & turn.

For the remaining rows, crochet through the back loop only.

Row 2: sc in ea st. ch 3 & turn.

Row 3: (ch 3 counts as a st), dc in first st, dc in next 3 st, dc3tog, dc in next 3 st, *3 dc in next st, dc in next 3 st, dc3tog, dc in next 3 st* 2 dc in last st. ch 3 & turn.

Row 4-20: rep row 3

Row 21: change to color B and rep row 3

Rep row 3 for the remainder of your project. You can follow your own stripe design or you can use mine.  I used the following color pattern:

20 rows color Accs0

10 rows color B

10 rows color A

5 rows color B

3 rows color A

2 rows color B

3 rows color A

5 rows color B

10 rows color A

10 rows color B

20 rows color A

2nd to last row: ch 1& turn. sc in ea st.

Last row: ch 1 & turn. sc in ea st.

Sew in ends to complete your work.

Pattern Notes: For a thicker scarf, adjust number of chains in multiples of 10 + 2.  Crochet as many rows as needed for desired length.

Super simple! Chevron is an easy design to do in crochet and I absolutely love it! I can’t wait to create more projects…

20141124_102843I made this scarf for my Nana so I went with neutral colors.  However, I think the accent color would look great in a bright, bold color like red or pink!

I’m not sure how happy I am with the stripes that I have chosen.  I created this so that the ends of the scarf would look cream & the section that wraps around your neck is nice & stripy. I really hope she likes it!

Can’t wait to make more chevron accessories! What would you like to see me make?


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If you need materials:

hook- Susan Bates Silvalume Crochet Hook Set in Pouch Sizes F, G, H, I, J, K

yarn- Red Heart E300.0313 Super Saver Economy Yarn, Aran

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-Rainbow Warrior

***This pattern is for personal use.  Business inquires please contact rainbowwarrior217@yahoo.com

29 thoughts on “2-Tone Chevron Scarf | Crochet Pattern

  1. Doesnt make.. sense… I get it all to row 3. Then I dont understand how I run out of the row and you still have st left in your row to do. Wtf?


    1. I think so too! You want to work with a number of stitches with a multiple of 10 + 2 and when you work the pattern row repeat between each ‘*’ until you reach the last stitch.


  2. I love this pattern! I made a tri-colored Seahawks scarf using it. I did 15 blue, 10 lime green, 5 white, 10 lime green, 15 blue, 10 lime green, 5 white, 10 lime green and 15 blue. It turned out beautifully!


  3. Making this as a gift for a friend. Thanks heaps for the awesome pattern! I am using crisp white, pale mint green, and a nice turquoise 🙂


  4. you should probably put “back loop only” in the written instructions. Also, for that last bit of row 3, im assuming i’m going to end with 3 total double crochets in the last stitch. your instructions read as though there should be 1 additional stitch that you put those last 2 doubles in before chaining and turning. i redid the row 5 times before i just continued and realized what it meant……assuming thats what it meant.


  5. ok, watching the video it looks like i started at the right place on row 3 but was left with 0 stitches so my last stitch has 3 double crochets in it total. i dont know whats going on, i’ve been redoing this row for the last 3 hours.


  6. *sigh* nvm, i looked over the instructions and the math is checking out, and i see the back loop only part too. i dunno how i managed to make the same 2 mistakes over and over for the last 4 hours but i did. its 2AM, im starting from scratch tomorrow. Today wins.


  7. I would love to see a coordinating chevron hat to go with this scarf! 🙂 Maybe a pair of those fingerless mittens with the flap that can button up (to leave fingertips bare) or be put over the fingers (to cover fingers) for warmth. Anyhow, I have been trying to do this pattern for a while (my first pattern I’ve ever read), and I am having trouble knowing where to start crocheting after I turn and have to double crochet… I think that is once I turn into my third row… I would love any pointers. So, after my 2nd row, I chain 3 and turn; and then, what does it mean that chain 3 counts as a st? Where does the dc begin in teh 1st st? Thank you in advance for any help you can offer. I watched the video over and over. I’m feeling determined… would love to know what I’m doing wrong and how to fix it!


    1. Right below your chain 3, you will see the two loops which consist of your first stitch. The chain 3 is representing a double crochet stitch here and then you are placing two double crochet stitches in that first stitch. This makes a cluster of 3 double crochet stitches and then you continue the pattern crocheting into the second stitch. It is really important that you don’t skip over that first stitch and it can be hard to figure out. Here is a link, scroll down and there is a great picture of the first and second stitches in a double crochet row. http://www.crochetguru.com/double-crochet-stitch.html much more helpful to see it & I feel like I did not not explain as well as I would have liked.
      I did attempt to make a chevron hat to go with this scarf!:http://wp.me/p5cqEQ-aM


  8. I’ve been attempting this for the last 3 hours following the video but it’s just all wrong. It’s not going up and down, just into a kind of upside down rainbow shape. 😫 What am I doing wrong?!


  9. I love this scarf! Do you have any tips on crocheting a v scarf like not the chevron but only one set that makes a v? My daughter really really wants me to make her one but im lost….. Im making this scarf for myself! Thank you!


  10. Hello – I love this scarf and love your instructions, thank you so much! I have a question – when I am doing the last 2 DC in the last stitch – are those still in the back loop only? Or are they in the entire last stitch – which is actually a chain 3 from the row below, right? Thank you!


  11. Thanks for the pattern and the video. I just finished a scarf that I made for my daughter. I used a thick yarn, I was a little afraid if it was going to work good or not, but it turned out GREAT ! I used 4 skeins of 160 grs. (Yarn Bee, Dusty Coral, mix of Alpaca and acrylic). Thank you ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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